We take your cleanroom:

services-pic-2Services we offer include:

  • Routine Daily Technical Cleaning & Disinfect

  • Hospital Pharmacy / 797 Cleanings

  • One-time Decontamination Projects

  • Protocol Training, Speaking, Seminars

  • Cleanroom Protocol Audits & GAP Analysis

nanoCLEAN has brought together the strengths of specialized cleanroom cleaning for the pharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, aerospace and other high-technology companies to create a service that incorporates training, cleanroom approved equipment and microcleaning with a comprehensive knowledge of contamination control.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning and decontamination procedures result in proven Quality Ratings that are unparalleled in the industry.

We follow the concepts of ISO 9001 quality management systems in order to provide parallel performance and quality measurements that meet all customer and regulatory requirements.

Working as partners, nanoCLEAN becomes an extension of your “clean team”. And as your cleanroom experts, we offer our local and regional resources and the expertise of our Technical Advisory Board.



Maintaining environmental control including microbiological contamination in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment is primarily dependent on the facility sanitization program. nanoClean partners with our customers to provide the most trusted and reputable decontamination service in the New England area and beyond.

Compounding & Hospital Pharmacies

nanoCLEAN is a valued partner for companies that work to maintain compliance
with United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) 797, Pharmaceutical Compounding—Sterile
Preparations. Our cleanroom cleaning services are a critical component in your mission
to provide CSPs of the highest quality and safety for your clients and their patients.



When dealing with biologics, our primary focus is ensuring consistency of practice by following the strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) developed with our customers. nanoClean has a history of maintaining the highest level of competence that will guarantee your environment is controlled according to quality standards.

Medical Device


Medical Device manufacturers must assure safe, effective products. nanoClean will help your facility maintain an environment free of bacterial, viral and fungal contamination. Based on our years of experience, we know how to address critical issues such as the control of surface contamination with expert daily and weekly cleaning regimens.



Contamination is an expensive proposition for the semiconductor industry, and best practices dictate that daily and weekly cleaning standards remain inviolable. Which cleaning tools and compounds are compatible with your manufacturing or research operations? nanoClean knows. We have many years of experience keeping cleanrooms up to the strict standards necessary for superior performance.



Reducing both viable and non-viable particles is the focus of nanoClean’s cleaning procedures for ensuring that aerospace controlled environments and the specialized tools that are used in the manufacturing process are not compromised. Our decontamination expertise is the reason for our continued success in this field.